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Why AC Syracuse?



Stage I - Juniors – ages 5-8 years old
This will include a U-8 team. Anyone above 5 can be training with the team and will be introduced to league games based an ability, physical and psychological readiness. Training sessions will be 2 per week, local weekly game, 1 coordination and balance session a week and local tournaments. No travel out of town needed at this stage.
This is be the introductory stage of developing the COMPLETE player. The main component of the training sessions at the start of the development process should and will be focused on the technical side of the game. Players under the age of 8 do not have the same capacity as adults to analyze the environment. It is important to develop technique and create a strong ball-foundation for players as they go through the growth stages. At this age, players develop basic mechanics and will be introduced to light agility and coordination movements. Very importantly, the sessions will be structured to include the element of fun – where players enjoy the experience and the training, and where they fall in love with the beautiful game.

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Stage II - Pre-Academy – ages 8-12 years old
This will include a U-10 group and a U-12 group. Training sessions will be 2 per week, local game weekly, 1 speed, agility and plyometric fitness session a week and local tournaments. No travel out of town needed at this stage. Players’ capacity to solve problems increases during this stage. Coaches will continue to focus on individual technique while slowly introducing basic tactical scenarios and fitness elements. Players at this age are starting to better understand the game, but are still limited by their physical size. Players grow at different rates physically as well as mentally, and the physical elements should not hinder technical growth. However, we do believe that it is pivotal that our players are introduced to light and fun agility, balance, and coordination activities. Through that, we hope to instill learned-behaviors and create habits that will help them down this path..

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Stage III - Academy - ages 13-19 years old
Intermediate Stage 13-15 years old

This will include a U-13 group and a U-15 group. Training will be 2 sessions a week, weekly game, 1 fitness session a week, and tournaments. Out of town travel will begin at this stage. This stage is crucial for combining all the components of soccer in order to increase the players’ soccer knowledge. Players at this age are still in the process of physical and mental development. All components of training can be combined and organized with the purpose of developing the highest potential of the player. Tactical scenarios will increase and emphasis will be on shape on and off the ball, and on the moments of transition. Fitness sessions will be intensified, and our players will have the benefit of working with fitness trainers and specialized coaches. Gaining strength in the muscles helps to develop technique at higher speed; this speed helps the player to react faster to technical and tactical situations. Players will have an individual Physical Development Plan that our coaching staff will keep track of to ensure that every player is monitored. In addition, our players will also benefit from working with mental training, coaches, and nutritionists to unsure a healthier way of life.

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Advanced Stage 16-19 years old
This will include a U-16/17 group and a U18/19 group. Training will be 2 field sessions a week, weekly game, 1 fitness session weekly, tournaments, and showcases. Out of town travel will be required. Players at this stage are at the peak of their physical and mental development process. Tactical scenarios and intense physical activities will now be emphasized to prepare players to compete at the highest level. This is the age to focus on the outcome of the match as well as the quality of individual performance. To ensure that, we will provide training opportunities with the semi-pro and pro teams, thus providing advanced players with the chance to elevate their game and understand what it takes to play at the next level. The long-term objective of the AC Syracuse development pyramid is to develop COMPLETE players who are well-rounded contributing community members. A soccer education with AC Syracuse is more than soccer it is a vehicle to develop life-long skills

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