Syracuse Soccer Academy

The ACSYRACUSE academy has one goal: Create the complete player.

The journey along the “Pathway to Pro” begins for players ages 6-12 with the ACSYRACUSE Juniors and Pre-Academy. The Academy begins at age 13. From there, young players can work towards a spot on ACSYRACUSE’s men’s amateur team or on the men’s or women’s pro squads.



The ACSYRACUSE system is different from travel teams and other development groups. There'll be plenty of work on skills, as you’d expect. However, there will be an increasing stress on team play and on individual problem solving as players move through the ranks. A player is only complete when he or she knows how to work within a team.

The Academy will be different from other groups in its embrace of technology and use of other experts, such as nutritionists, dieticians and strength experts, to help develop the player’s body and mind. 



The final major difference is the quality of coaching available. Coaches at ACSYRACUSE bring championship-level experience and a focus on pro-level quality.

“There’s nothing like the ACSYRACUSE Academy,” said Nick Dmiitrievski, Vice President and Technical Director Coach, who, as a collegiate coach, developed MLS All-Star Shalrie Joseph, among others. “We are building the best academy-to-pro system in the region. Any young player who wants to become the best he or she can be should be with us.”

Academy members train on the field several days a week and embrace fitness training throughout the week. Players are assigned to age-specific teams to play in leagues. They will play in three tournaments as well. Players receive training gear, home and away uniforms, practice uniforms, a carrying bag and ball. Go here for details about the Academy. Scholarships are available.